Waring O-Ring Gasket Seal


This seal sits between the top of the blade and the bottom of the jar
Fits many Waring blenders
FDA Approved, EPDM Synthetic Rubber
Made In USA
2.187″ ID x 2.895″ OD.

Take the plunge and let this replacement rubber O-ring gasket seal give your Waring Blender more life! Waring is known to be the home for premium blenders and they always take their blenders to the ultimate power, versatility, and performance. So it is no wonder that you will not let go of your Waring Blender even if the rubber O-ring gasket seal is lost, torn, broken, or not working due to wear and tear. But you don’t have to let go of it…never. This excellent replacement OEM gasket seal sits between the top of the blade and the bottom of the jar. It fits many Waring blenders and works just like the original! You won’t see any difference at all. It is also FDA approved and is an EPDM synthetic rubber so you can be sure that this delivers exceptional quality, durability, and performance. The gasket seal is 2.187”ID x 2.895” OD. So yes, don’t throw out your blender. Your blender is here to stay and conquer your kitchen! Find this Waring blender gasket replacement from Amazon.