Waring Cutting Blade


Cut through ordinary blender parts and take this Waring 007314W Blender Cutting Assembly to stretch your blender to a great lifetime! This OEM cutting assembly replacement part is a wagon-wheel-shaped connector with innovative, pointed quality blades for an affordable price. This offers great versatility as it fits many Waring blenders including the 007314W, 500210, 501113, 501114, PB206C, PB210C, PC212C, and PB204C blenders. The cutting assembly provides you with leading-edge quality and performance, just like the original! You’ll be amazed at the top-notch results. Let your Waring Blender continue to give you unparalleled speed and efficiency with this cutting assembly. With this Blender Cutting Assembly and as long as you take care of your blender, you can absolutely keep whipping up delightful drinks, smoothies, soups, sauces and more! You don’t have to worry anymore about losing your cutting assembly or having it destroyed. Keep a replacement. Your Waring Blender lives on with this one essential piece— blender cutting assembly part replacement!