Waring Coupling Driver


The Waring 014009 Blender Coupling Driver fits models WPB05 B5000 B6000 6000 6000 R6000 34BL96 34BL87 36BL45 37BL46 38BL47 38BL80 19BL62 15BL10 19BL62 34BL87 34BL96 36BL45 37BL46 38BL47 38BL80 5000 5000GB 5000GE 5000GG 5000GW 5000UR 5000W 6000GC 6000GJ B5000G B5000X B6000G R6000CO RB70 RB75 WPB01 WPB03 WPB04 WPB05 WPB06 WPB09 BB150S

Model #: 014009
Material: Rubber
Color: Black
Shipping weight: .1 lb

Avoid having to purchase a whole new Waring Blender because of a simple broken coupling when you can get a quality replacement on Amazon.com. Whenever your blender coupling is broke, you may experience the screw going into the motor base being stripped. These problems are solved by the Waring Blender Coupling. It is a genuine OEM from Waring which would fit perfectly into Waring blender, juicer and drink mixer. A genuine Waring OEM replacement spare ensures you the product’s safety, reliability and performance.