Vitamix Rubber Feet (4 Pack)


Vitamix brand blenders are built tough to stand up to frequent use, and often times, the feet on the blenders begin to suffer wear and tear long before the performance of a Vitamix declines. When the feet of a Vitamix become worn, the blender can rock and shimmy on top of a counter when in use. This not only creates a lot of noise in the kitchen, but it can also damage counter top surfaces. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem–this Vitamix 794 Set of 4 Rubber Feet.

The Vitamix 794 Set of 4 Rubber Feet is a set of four heavy-duty rubber feet that are universally sized to fit all Vita-Mix blender models. Because they are genuine replacement parts produced by Vitamix, the feet are engineered just like the feet that came on your blender when it was fresh from the store. The feet are easy to snap into place, and they are outfitted with special stoppers on the sides to ensure that they lock securely.