Vitamix Nut and Rice Milk Bag


Designed to produce high quality nut milk and juice by straining fiber
4-thread, reinforced seams
Made from 100% all-natural hemp
Size w x h: approximately 9″ x 12″ (23cm x 30cm)
Drawstring top

The Vitamix Nut and Rice Milk bag will help you and your family to live a healthier lifestyle and save money at the same time! Make your own smooth and delicious almond milk (or rice milk!) with the nut and rice bag for a cheaper price than buying it at the store and you know exactly what goes into the milk your family drinks. People will also enjoy using this nut and rice milk bag to strain pulp from juice derived from whole fruits and nuts. A great gift idea for people who wish to avoid lactose, growth hormones, preservatives, additives or soy in their milk beverages. Don’t settle for just any rice milk bag made by an a third part company. This nut and rice milk bag is an originally manufactured Vitamix product made from 100% all natural hemp. Nothing artificial will be passed into your family’s milks and juices when you use this high quality bag!