Vitamix Ice Leaf Blade


This blade will work with the Vitamix Blending Station, Drink Machine Two-Step, Drink Machine Two-Speed, and BarBoss Advance blenders to mix up all the ingredients.
6 Leaf Stainless steel
Sturdy and Strong for Blending Ice

Ignite greatness and coolness in your kitchen as you create the perfect flakes of shaved ice with Vita Mix 1151 Replacement Leaf Blade Assembly! And this comes with O-ring and drive to give you that superb ice crush. So say goodbye to the slush that you have come to settle on for years. Yes, no more of those icy mess and pulps. This OEM replacement works like the real thing. It consists of 6 leaf stainless steel blade and 12 cog drive. You’ll be awed at how it can flawlessly work with Vita Mix models such as 1002, 1230, 5006, 5012, 5057, BarBoss, 5039, VM0100, VM0100A, 5000, 5200, and many more. This Leaf Blade Assembly replacement is just pure bomb as it is designed to power through all of the ice cubes before they have a chance to begin melting. You can now tackle on small food processing tasks and prepare great smoothies, snow cones, and frozen margaritas in a snap! And it’s all because of this amazing Leaf Blade Assembly.