Vitamix 32oz Container with Lid and Wrench


This 32 oz container will fit all Vitamix household products
Blade is not included
Specifically designed to fit underneath most standard kitchen cabinets

If you have been looking for a replacement container for your Vitamix blender, then this 32oz container with no blades from Eastman Tritan is what you need. It comes a bit oversized with a capacity of 32 ounces making it quite suitable for a range of blending opportunities as well as ideal for occasions that demand large amounts. Durability is assured with the 32oz container being made of copolyester material. This is light but very strong; able to withstand falls and knocks without breaking. It is also chemical resistant and contains no BPA. You are thus assured of longer and safer service.

This is a clear see through non drip spout 32oz container. This allows you a better way of supervising the process. It also comes with calibrations in terms of ounces, cups and metrics for accurate ingredients measurements. While this Vitamix replacement 32oz container doesn’t come with blades it has a 2 part locking black lid with spill proof vents for expansion and contraction of food. It also comes with a black wrench.