Vitamix 32oz Container with Dry Blade


Processed grains have been proven to be bad for your health and contribute to weight gain. Take control of the grains that you and your family eat with the replacement Vitamix 32 ounce dry grains container and get the healthy body that you desire. This BPA free container is made with special blades that are specifically designed to make fine flours out of whole grains, so you can be confident that you are not consuming any harmful additives. Make your family’s favorite foods with the peace of mind that you are giving them the best grains using the 32oz Vitamix Dry Grains replacement container. Great for making your own homemade cereals, breads, baked goods and more with the Vitamix cookbook you get along with the order. Enjoy the taste of fresh grain based products that you can trust using the replacement that has over 300 reviews on Amazon. The one we found here is the original part from the Vitamix company themselves so trust is already there (hopefully).

Fit for Vitamix 32oz
Fit for C series blender
Fit for G-Series blender