Oster Square Shape Lid


Fits all Oster 5 cup jars with a square top
Black lid and center cap
Fit all Oster blenders and Kitchen Centers using a 5 cup square top jar

The Oster 5 cup square top lid will fit on most types of Oster 5 blender jars. It’s made in a black rubbery material with a clear plastic center cap that is removable. The replacement square shaped lid has the same flexibility as the old one, providing a solid seal between blender container and liquid.

This is the most common type of Oster blender top lid also use this type. It’s a great way to replace an old lid that may be cracked or missing, and instead of tossing out your blender, you can replace the lid for only a couple of dollars.

Over time the Oster 5 cup blender top lids can dry out and break over time. They may become stained and smell bad. This is the time to toss it out and purchase a brand new one replacement square top lid. It’s inexpensive to replace and will save a person from having to buy a brand new Oster blender, as well as prevent spills and leaks from happening.