Oster Round Shape Jar Lid


For models using the new style of Glass Round Jars
Genuine Oster part
Inner dimensions: 5 1/8″
Includes plastic insert Part Number: 124462-000-090

The Oster round shaped lid is designed to replace old, cracked, or missing lids of Oster blenders that fit on the newer style of glass jar. The lid is black and circular, covering the spout end of the glass jar. It’s flexible enough to easily snap on or off easily, even when wet.

The round lid is made from black plastic, and has a clear plastic removable insert in the middle that enables for easy pouring of fluids, fruit, yogurt, etc., into the top of the blender container, without making a mess. It can be hand washed, but it is also dishwasher safe.

This genuine Oster part measures 5-1/8 inches in its inner dimensions. The part number is: 124462-000-090, so you can match it up with your current Oster blender.