Oster Milkshake Blade


The Oster Blender Milkshake Blade is compatible with the following Oster 5 and 6-cup Jar models: Accurate Blend, Exact Blend, Heritage Blend, Liquefy Blend, Perform Blend, Precise Blend, Pure Blend, Rapid Blend , Reverse Crush, Simple Blend, Starter Blend

There’s not much difference in the aesthetics of Oster’s original ice crushing blade and this Oster milkshake blade. However, there is a huge difference in performance, the latter being far more superior in use in making smoothies and milkshakes. It evenly blends the mixture instead of just frothing the bottom of the liquid.

The replacement milkshake blade fits perfectly for almost all the Oster Blenders with the exception of one or two (like Oster Versa), although they claim it to be fit for all Oster Blenders. It makes your smoothies or malts in no time, unlike the standard blades which take a little more time than these blades.

Although the replacement Oster milkshake blade leaves a chunk or two while crushing frozen foods (based off a customer’s review on Amazon), it still performs very well to have it in your kitchen. Serves the purpose with protein shakes. Good value for money, however, it is not without drawbacks. Generally a good purchase and serves the purpose in most cases.