Oster Ice Blade


2 Piece Blender Accessory Includes: 1 Blade & 1 Sealing Ring
Compatible with Most Oster 5 & 6 Cup Glass or Plastic Jars
Stainless Steel Blade for Perfectly Crushed Ice Every Time

Majority of the people – about 90% have positively rated this replacement Oster Blender Ice Blade and have considered it to be useful, convenient and powerful at the same time. People are delighted with it’s performance and it’s versatile nature resulting it to be applicable with the Oster blender machine. Additionally, they have commended the product of how it can be economical and save the cost of purchasing another whole Oster blender machine. Not to miss out the sharpness of the replacement Ice blade, some people say it’s sharper than the original thing.

Keeping a spare Ice blade will not hurt your pocket and at the same time can be used immediately in case of need. For those who need a new powerful blender why not just replace the old ice blade for the Oster blender and save your expenditure for the whole new machine. It fits well and is very powerful when it comes to it’s functionality – it cuts the ice to it’s finest as it’s specialized to do that. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.