NutriBullet 4 Piece Set


1 Extractor Blade
1 Tall Cup
1 Short Cup
1 Handled Lip Ring

Find a need to have a complete new set of parts for the NutriBullet Blender. It might be time to completely renew your NutriBullet with new cups and a blade. This pack comes with replacement blades, a short cup, a tall cup, and the ring to the top of the cup.

The reason or the blade replacement on the NutriBullet the blade is dull or if the blade is lost. The blades will help crush and extract the ingredients needed for your smoothies and other recipes. The tall cup for the NutriBullet will be great for smoothies you’d like to make for two people or even if you just want a bigger smoother for yourself. The short cup is great for those quick blends that you need done right away that don’t need an abundance of supplies. It’s a must to always have a lip ring so you can drink right from the cup. This pack that includes 2 cups, 1 blade, and a 1 lip ring is perfect for your NutriBullet if you want to start afresh again.

These three parts are of the highest quality, thus highly reviewed and they work similarly to brand new parts.