NutriBullet 18oz Cup


Finding replacement parts can be tough, but not if you are looking for a replacement NutriBullet 18oz Cup, in case your old one is broken. The brand new and totally affordable NutriBullet Blending Cup with handle holds 18 oz and allows users to make smoothies and other nutrient-rich foods. You’ll be able to create delicious juices and smoothies in the 18oz replacement cup for the NutriBullet, which is why it’s essential to get a new one when your old one breaks or not longer works properly.

The brand new NutriBullet 18oz Cup is BPA free and has a diameter of 4 inches. You’ll be able to pack your drinks and juices with natural vitamins that your body craves, which is why many use it for diets and just to live a healthier lifestyle. The replacement cup is just the original one, so rest assure it will do the same job as the one that came with your NutriBullet. And even if your old 18oz cup isn’t broken, it’s still a good idea to purchase an extra cup or two just to have in case anything happens or if you want to blend a variety of items at the same time without having to wash them out after each use.