Magic Bullet Travel Mug with Flip Top Lid


Bullet On The Go Mug for Magic Bullet with Flip Top Lid
Good for travel.
One mug is 16 oz at max line or 20 oz when filled.

Enjoy your favorite smoothies and shakes with this affordable and highly rated Magic Bullet On the Go Mug with Flip Top Travel Lid. This sturdy and secured on the mug from Magic Bullet is perfect to drink with the flip top travel lid. This one is made for the 16oz mugs, but shop through here if you need one for the 22oz mug. You can definitely bring nutritious drinks to work without having to worry about spilling your drink on your bag or worse on your office papers inside your bag. Just simply place your favorite drink inside, place it on your bag or an go do your thing just like how you usually do. Enjoy the goodness of home-made fruit drinks with this handy dandy innovative on the go mug. Cleaning is also a breeze. Simply wash it on soapy water and rinse with water. It also comes with a handy handle for easy handling.