Magic Bullet Tall Cup (16oz)


These replacement tall cups for the Magic Bullet blender do a great job and leaves with delicious smoothies, shakes, and anything else you can dream up that can be made in a blender. As you may already know the how bad these Magic Bullet tall cups can end up though. Most things you make in the blender make the tall cups hard to clean and they take a lot of pounding from the blender itself.

If you want to continue to enjoy using your Magic Bullet blender then look no further than this replacement tall cup. They’re the same kind that came with the blender in the first place and are sold by Magic Bullet so you know you’re looking at the real deal. These tall cups for the Magic Bullet blender are microwave safe and BPA free and completely brand new. Please keep in mind that they are not for use with Nutribullet, Babybullet, or Platinum Pro. They are ideal for a regular Magic Bullet blender and make a welcome addition to your kitchen.