Magic Bullet Stay Fresh Lids


You won’t need to throw away your favorite drink because it’s no longer fresh. The Magic Bullet blender lids will will replace your old lids if they no longer hold tight, broken, or damaged. Magic Bullet Stay Fresh Lids is the perfect replacement lid for your perfect favorite cup, and for a very affordable prices in comparison.

Made with synthetic polymer microwave safe, you can as well still use your cups like you always did, heating meals, coffee, tea and keeping it all warm, fresh and sealed against leaking.

The Magic Bullet Stay Fresh lids are compatible with most models of short and tall cups, as well as travel mugs and party cubs. But they not compatible with Baby Bullet, Nutribullet and Platinum Pro models

These cheap, high quality replacement lids are also free from BPA, the Bisphenol A, so doesn’t matter how much you heat it up or consume heated beverages, it won’t release BPA on your meals and drinks.

Pay much less than you would for OEM lids and bring home these great Magic Bullet replacement lids and bring your favorite cups back to life!