Magic Bullet Short Cups


Height is 4 inches.
2 Short Cups
Original replacement for Magic Bullet
Micro-wave safe, BPA free.
Sparkling brand new.

The Magic Bullet replacement pair of short cups ups are the perfect way to ensure you can still use your blender efficiently once again. These short cups do come two in a pack and weighs about 6 ounces when shipped; making it an affordable cost effective solution for delivery fees. The cups are identical and transparent each having an height of four inches and while they can comfortably handle 12 oz each, the recommended operational capacity is 10oz. The great aspect about these cups is that they are neither refurbished nor remanufactured but are genuine authentic replacements from the original manufacturer. This assures you of their quality in terms of durability and function wise unlike replacement knock off blender products. Additional features of the short cups for the Magic Bullet blender is that they are compatible for microwave use. The short cups are also safe to human health as they are BPA free. Remember, these cups are specifically made for Magic Bullet and should not be used with Nutribullet, Platinum Pro or baby Nutribullet.