Magic Bullet Motor Base Gear (2 pack)


New gear for the Magic Bullet Power Gear
Directions: To remove your broken piece, use a flat screw driver at bottom center of power base and turn gear on top clockwise

In need of a new replacement base gear for the top of the power base for your Magic Bullet? Simply get the Magic Bullet Base Gear Spare Replacement Part for the Top of the Power Base. Enjoy mixing and combining your favorite shakes and drinks all over again by simply changing the worn out base with this all new and handy base gear. Replacing the base gears for the Magic Bullet power base every now and then is a necessary task especially when you constantly use your Magic Bullet. Doing so will make sure that you are still getting the consistency and the right mix when you are using your Magic Bullet. This product only fits the Magic Bullet and will not fit inside the Nutri-Bullet.