Magic Bullet O-Ring Gaskets (4 Pack)


Approximate Dimensions
Outside Diameter 3 1/8 inches or 80.6 mm
Inside diameter 3 inches or 75.5 mm
Thickness 1/8 inch or 3 mm.

Do you need to buy new gaskets? Have you been using the Magic Blender to the point that your gaskets are now worn out and need a replacement? Gaskets are used to seal the cups to the Magic Blender. Thankfully there are ways to avoid these spills by reordering new gaskets to repair the ones that now no longer work. The cost of a gasket for your magic bullet is very affordable and they lost a good time until you may need a new replacement. This 4 pack of gasket will be perfect for you to be safe that your party continues if one gasket happens to start leaking or break. If you describe the broken piece as a O Ring for the Magic Bullet, this gasket is what you are looking for to seal your cups to the juice. In addition to the O Ring, many of you may describe this replacement part as the rubber ring, rubber seal, or a washer. This rubber made material is cheap and you can buy it directly from Amazon following the link below.