Magic Bullet Cups and Lids


Tall and Short mixing cups
Comes with 4 lids including shaker lids.
Not for Nutribullet

Do you feel like you need to replace your whole Magic Bullet because of a broken cup? You don’t need to replace the whole Bullet, all you need is replacement cups for the Magic Bullet.  Not only with this pack do you get these replacement cups for an affordable price, but they come in two different sizes. This Magic Bullet cup pack comes with a tall Bullet cup and also a short bullet cup. These two cups also include in 4 lids, having one of them being a shaker lid. Many users of the Magic Bullet state that is routine to change out the cups at least once a year. Looking through the reviews on Amazon, this company has been reviewed to highly satisfy the customer with its cups parts. Don’t buy overpriced cup parts when you can get these cheap replacements.