Juice Bullet Cross Blades


2 Replacement Cross Blades For the Juice Bullet ORIGINAL Model MB 1001 ONLY

If you have a Magic Bullet Juicer and Mixer, then you’ll know it’s a fine piece of juicing kit. If something goes wrong with one of the blades, you won’t want to get rid of it. You’ll also not want to buy a whole new Magic Bullet Juicer and Mixer. Luckily, you can get these high quality replacement blades for your Magic Bullet Juicer and Mixer here. These are high quality and also much more cost-conscious alternatives. These high quality blades are the ultimate in replacement parts for your magic bullet juicer and mixer. If you’re looking for a cheap replacement blade, then these are great for your magic bullet. They are not for the Nutribullet, so bear that in mind. They will fit your magic bullet juicer though, and they will make it run as if it were new.