How to Replace a Vitamix Blade Assembly

A Vitamix is a fantastic tool for everyone from professional chefs to amateur cooks, but after constant use the blade can get too dull to properly function. Here we’ve brought together a step by step guild to replacing the blade in your Vitamix, so you can continue to enjoy this delightful device for years to come.
Step 1
Find or purchase a Vitamix retaining nut wrench. It is a specialized tool that will be needed in order to replace the Vitamix blade assembly. Trying to use any other tools to replace the blade assembly or remove the retainer nut will result in damage to the device.
Step 2
Remove the lid and turn the container upside down. Make sure your container is on a flat, level surface, and place something like a dish towel between the container top and the flat surface to prevent damage to the lip of the container.
Step 3
Place the retainer nut wrench over the drive socket. It only fits one way so you’re not going to be able to put it on wrong. Once it’s settled into place securely, turn the wrench to the left to loosen the retaining nut.
Step 4
Using a rag or something to protect your hands, reach into the container and grip the blades so they do not move. Finish loosening the retaining nut and remove it. Press on the drive socket until the blade assembly pops free, and remove the blades from the container.
Step 5
Hold the new blade assembly carefully, using a rag or cloth to protect your hands. Observe the two flat surfaces on either side of the drive socket. These flat surfaces will fit into the two flat sides in the drive socket hole in the bottom of the container. Align the blade assembly and press it firmly into place.
Step 6
Replace the retaining nut and screw it down finger tight. Once the nut is finger tight, make sure that you tighten it the rest of the way with the Vitamix retaining nut wrench.

That’s all there is to it! The next time your Vitamix starts performing poorly due to dull blades, don’t rush out to replace the entire thing. Just follow these easy steps, replace the blades in your blending container, and you’ll think you’ve bought a new blender!


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