How to Change The Magic Bullet Blender’s Rubber Gear

The Magic Bullet is a cross between a blender and food processor and is an extremely popular kitchen aid in many homes. While the Magic Bullet is a highly functional appliance that is consistantly used and therefore the rubber gear that spins the blades is subject to wear and tear and eventually will wear out and need to be replaced. Replacing the rubber gear for the Magic Bullet is not a difficult process and this how to article will help to make the task easier.

What You May Need to Replace the Magic Bullet Gear

Before you can change the gear for your magic bullet, you first need to assemble the necessary tools. The tools you may need include:

  • A wrench
  • 3 in 1 oil
  • Heavy duty cloth
  • New Bearing
  • Screw Driver

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to remove the bottom containing the blades from the rest of the magic bullet. There is a screw in the middle of the bottom of the appliance that unscrews and lift the blade assembly portion out. The screw holding the blade assembly can be a little difficult to remove, so be patient, it will come. The bearing you need to change is in the bottom of this portion.

Step Two

In some cases the gear may be rusted and need some oil to loosen it up prior to trying to remove it. Turn the plastic piece holding the blades so that the blades side is down and then place a couple of drops of 3 in 1 oil and the small metal section in the center. Allow to set for several minutes so that oil can loosen the rust and then wipe off the oil with a paper towel.

Step 3

Place the heavy-duty cloth in your hand and then place the blade section of the blender blade side down. (the cloth should be heavy enough to protect your hand from the blades) and using the wrench unscrew the old gear turning it clockwise to loosen. Once the gear is loosened finish removing it using your fingers.

Step 4

Once the old gear is removed, put on the new gear screwing it in place turning clockwise with your fingers and then tightening it with the wrench and then reassembling the Magic Bullet so it is ready to use.

Changing the rubber gear for a magic bullet blender is not difficult, and doing so can give you several more years of enjoyment when using this handy kitchen appliance.




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